Dr. Syed Saeed Uddin Qadri

Speciality:Consultant Urologist & Urological Surgeon
M.B.B.S., FCPS (Urology)
Email:saeed.qadri@tabbakidney.org | dr.saeedqgadri@gmail.com
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About me

| graduated from Karachi Medical and Dental College in 2003, and completed my House job from Abbasi Shaheed hospital Karachi. | did Post Graduate 2 years training in General Surgery from Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College, Karachi. Since | had interest to pursue in Urology Specialty, | joined The Kidney Center for Urology training, which is a well known and among the best urology training Institutes in Pakistan. Here | had ample opportunities to get surgically hands on training and by the end of 4 years ‘ training | was well skilled Surgical Fellow. | passed Fellowship Diploma in Urology FCPS from CPSP (College of Physician and Surgeon of Pakistan) and gave services as Registrar in The Kidney Center for 1 year. | Joined DUHS (Dow University of Health and Science) as Registrar and gave services in Urology specialty for 3 years. | was eventually promoted and served DUHS as Assistant Professor for 1 year.

In 2017 | Joined Tabba Kidney Institute seeing as emerging dedicated Kidney specialty Institute and availed the opportunity to become part of the Urology team in the development of a Comprehensive Urology Department with the latest advanced state of the art Well equipped Urological theatre. Here I’m giving services as a Consultant Urological Surgeon and mostly see patients related to stone and prostate diseases. | also see patients with male Infertility and sexual dysfunction.

My interest and expertise is in Endo-urological Surgeries related to Urological stones (whether in kidney, ureter or bladder) and Prostate with the Latest Minimal Invasive Endo-urological Surgical tools e.g. Mini PCNL, URS, Flexible URS (RIRS) (with the use of Holmium Laser technology), Cystolitholapaxy, TURBT, and TURP, HoLEP (for Prostate).

My Believe::. We only treat rather deal, but it is He Who is Ash-Shafi (The One Who Cures). My message : when you come, you’d surely leave with good gesture.

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