• From Tabba Kidney Institute, taking my dialysis treatment for 6 years. Tabba kidney hospital doctors are very cooperative and the dialysis technicians are very professional. I never have any inconvenience in the process of dialysis. I highly recommend Tabba kidney institute.  

    Nuzhat Akhter

  • Taking my Dialysis treatment since 1 year from Tabba Kidney Institute, when I came to Tabba had a very critical condition shortness of breath, heavy chest and digestion issues, many hospitals were not taken my case, someone suggested me about TKI, now I can eat and walk by my own just because of Tabba kidney’s doctors.  

    Syed Faizan Pasha

  • (FATHER) we came all the way from Swabi, (KPK) for treatment. At TKI my son is diagnosed to have congenital (by birth) defect in both the kidney`s. He is operated with advance keyhole technique (Laparoscopic 3 D surgery), now he is like a normal child. I am very happy that these advance type of surgery is available in Pakistan.  


  • I came to Tabba Kidney Institute 2 years before for my dialysis treatment. The doctors, nursing staff and dialysis technicians are highly qualified and professionally trained, and they are also very friendly and try their best to keep patient happy and satisfied.

    Mohammad Yaseen

  • I am taking dialysis treatment since last five years from Tabba kidney Institute. The environment here is very much clean and comfortable. I belong to Baluchistan and specially came here for my treatment and I found TKI the best institute for all renal diseases. They are equipped with hi-tech technologies for all kind of treatments required for kidney diseases.


  • I have been in treatment of dialysis for 16 years. Alhamdulillah I am living healthy life. I started my education again after getting in treatment and then get a Job. During dialysis treatment, Dr. Irfan Tabba and other dialysis technicians encourage and motivate me in every step. Every dialysis took 4 hours to complete and I have to get dialysis done thrice a week, in each dialysis session doctors and technicians take care of me in a very professional and generous way. The disease I am suffering from is no more a burden for me, I am living my life like a normal and healthy women, I am in complete satisfaction with my life and Tabba Kidney Institute and thankful to them.

    Mahrukh Baig

  • I am 18 year old student from Ghotki, Sindh. I was continuously having pain in my abdomen and difficulty in passing urine, I consulted many doctors in Ghotki and in Karachi finally was diagnosed to have neurogenic bladder disease for which they recommended me to visit Tabba Kidney Institute in Karachi, where doctors did reconstructive major surgery (Cystoplasty + Illeocystoplasty). Tabba kidney institute took good care of me and now, I am absolutely fine and happy for my health.

    Aftab Ahmed

  • (FATHER) my son had severe abdominal pain but unfortunately I did not have enough money to consult doctors. Than someone told me about Tabba Kidney Institute where underprivileged person like me can also taken care for expensive medical care through Aziz Tabba Foundation. At Tabba Kidney Institute my child fully recovered from his illness after he underwent a major surgery and by the grace of God and financial help from Foundation. Now my son is in continuous follow-up TKI. I am very thankful to the Doctors of Tabba Kidney Institute and Aziz Tabba Foundation for best care and financial help.

    Sher Mohammad

  • I am an old person all possible diseases at this age like diabetes and uncontrolled blood pressure. For last few years, I was having problem in urine control as well as frequency and urgency. At Tabba Kidney Institute I was diagnosed to have enlarged prostate. I underwent Prostate surgery with advance laser only available at this hospital and Alhamdulillah, my symptoms improved a lot.  Thanks to TKI

    Shahid Mohammad Khan

  • (FATHER) my child was having abnormal opening of the bladder below the belly since childhood, and because of it he use to remain wet all time. We were very depressed with his medical illness and as the cost for the offered treatment at various hospitals were too high to afford. Finally we came to Tabba Kidney Institute; where expert surgeons performed reconstructive surgery and corrected long standing medical issue of my son. I am very thankful to both surgeons and Foundation for help.

    Zahid Ali

  • (FATHER) now I am happy about my child`s health. Before receiving treatment at Tabba Kidney Institute, he use to cry whenever urinates.  At Tabba Kidney Institute he was diagnosed to have posterior Urethral valve and was treated with the latest laser technology.


  • Nuzhat Akhter
  • Syed Faizan Pasha
  • Faizan (6 years) Swabi, KPK
  • Mohammad Yaseen 2 years Jamshoroo sindh
  • Sanaullah (Khuzdar Balochistan 5 Years)
  • Mahrukh Baig (16) (Karachi)
  • Aftab Ahmed (17years) GHOTKI, SINDH
  • Sher Mohammad (4 years) KARACHI
  • Shahid Mohammad Khan (72) KARACHI
  • Zahid Ali