TKI HR department is very vibrant in attracting the best talents in the market by providing a good working environment, best career development, enhancing the staff to next level of career ladder by providing an excellent training and development during the work. TKI provides a very promising work environment and good culture. TKI values the diverse skills and abilities that each person brings to the workplace, and together, we deliver exemplary care and service.

HR Philosophy

Enabling each employee to evolve into self-starter Team Leader and meet the fast changing health care services environment and maintain a competitive edge.


Our focus is to facilitate free flow of communication (Open Door Policy) with trust on People and Policy and evolve a participative work environment.

Passion for Excellence

We strive for Excellence with passion in all of our businesses and with a focused approach aptly captured in our TKI tagline “Prominence through Excellence by best Healthcare Services”.

Concern for Environment

We are committed to preserve & protect our ecological environment and our heritage. We will do this by adopting an environmentally friendly attitude and promoting practices that enhance our esteem green environment titive edge.


We are committed to develop an ownership work culture by fostering an in-depth knowledge of our core health care services and then attendant opportunities so that all our employees can be participative of our TKI growth & success. We will develop leaders and high achievers.

Team Synergy

We will build potential team synergy in our process /system culture to ensure overall optimization of cost, improved Quality and Health care Service so that we gain market dominance. We will adopt State Of-Art technologies to suit Healthcare services needs and priorities.

HR Quality Objective.

  • Promote a culture of Teamwork amongst employees.
  • Strive for continuous improvement in upgrading the competencies of employees through focused initiatives.
  • Focus on defined Values and Principles.
  • Facilitate people towards a multi skilled and multi-tasking approach.

Our HR Strategy is encompassed by: 

R   E   S   P   E   C   T

  • Reliability- you can count on us
  • Excellence- Is our Standard
  • Service- Best services to meeting customer needs
  • People- Serve people with fairness and firmness
  • Empowerment- enabling each to attain his / her Potential.
  • Caring – Care for all as we wish to be cared for employees.
  • Teamwork- Foster a spirit of Teamwork

HR Mission.

HRD mission is to support our TKI Leadership, Department Heads and employees in the achieving their personal and strategic goals. We intend to achieve this by attracting, recruiting, training, developing and retaining high caliber staff and constantly revitalizing the employees of TKI through Benchmark policies and practices.