Support & Donations


Tabba Kidney Institute (TKI) has a welfare program for those patients who cannot afford the treatment expenses. Deserving patients can apply for financial assistance to the Welfare Committee sponsored by the family’s Tabba Foundation. Certain simple formalities have to be filled by the patients or their attendants.

PROCEDURE                                 2011-12    2012-13         2013-14          2014-15            2015-16

DIALYSIS                                             –              2,129              2208                 2137                  1935

SURGICAL PROCEDURE                  –                27                    44                      51                     149

ADMISSION & TREATMENT          –               108                   105                    77                    150
TOTAL PATIENTS                                            2264                 2357                2265                 2234
AMOUNT SPONSORED                     –       50,962,818      59,604,905      64,125,156      68,639,840
USD                                                                    512,498            604,083           629,604          655,586

Total Amount Sponsored for deserving patients during last five years is Rs.243 million (equivalent to 2.4 million USD)


If you want to be a part of our Patient Assistance Program, you may send your Zakat / Donation Cheque or pay the order in favor of ‘Aziz Tabba Foundation / Patient Welfare’ at our mailing address – Tabba Kidney Institute, ST-26/7, Federal ‘B’ Area, Karachi.

Please mark ‘Zakat’ or ‘Donation’ at the back of your cheque. The receipt will be sent to your mailing/email address.

You may deposit your ZAKAT/DONATION directly into our following Bank Accounts:

Title:  Aziz Tabba Foundation (ZAKAT ACCOUNT)
Bank Name:  Meezan Bank Limited
Account # 0128-0108257383
IBAN # PK12 MEZN 0001 2801 0285 7383

Title:  Aziz Tabba Foundation (DONATION ACCOUNT)
Bank Name:  Meezan Bank Limited
Account # 0128-0102669439
IBAN # PK42 MEZN 0001 2801 0266 9439

Please Note:
Your Zakat will be utilized for Muslim patients, while donations will support non-muslims and for patients who are not eligible for Zakat but need assistance.