Tabba Kidney



Tabba Kidney Institute stands as a beacon of surgical excellence, with a set of three state-of-the-art theaters ready for action. These theaters are equipped with cutting-edge resources, including Ureteroscopes, Lithoclast, and C-arm image intensifiers, allowing for a seamless range of medical interventions.

From Endoscopic and Laparoscopic procedures to Reconstructive and Open Urology surgeries, these theaters cater to a diverse array of treatments. What’s more, they’re not just outfitted with the latest technology – they’re also at the forefront of innovation with groundbreaking 3D Laparoscopic Surgery and the prowess of 140 and 35-watt Laser technology.

Inside this visionary Surgical Suite, a four-bed recovery room awaits, complete with advanced post-operative monitoring equipment. The scope of procedures is expansive, spanning revolutionary treatments like Prostate disease management via HoLEP, stone-related therapies such as PCNL, RIRS, FURS, Micro Perc, and precise Ureteric and Renal stone treatments, including advanced dusting and fragmentation techniques. The suite is also fully equipped to address Female Urinary Incontinence through procedures like TVT and Anterior/Pelvic Floor Repair Surgery.

Pioneering the field in Pakistan, TKI introduces the marvel of 3D Laparoscopic Urological Surgery, coupled with the remarkable 140 Watt Laser Technology. This innovation brings High Definition visualization, unwavering Precision, and an elevated safety profile for Keyhole Surgery, greatly reducing the risks of tissue injury.

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