Tabba Kidney Institute is well equipped with three fully functional operation theatres all these operation theatres are
supported with facilities like Ureteroscopes, Lithoclast and C-arm image intensifiers and all these theatres can carry out
all Endoscopic, Laparoscopic, Reconstructive and Open Urology surgeries using the latest 3D Laparoscopic Surgery, 140 and 35 watt Laser technology.

The Surgical Suite also has a 4-beds recovery room with comprehensive post-operative monitoring equipments.
Operations include Treatment for Prostate disease – HoLEP, Treatment for stone disease PCNL, RIRS, FURS, Micro Perc,
Ureteric and Renal stone including dusting and fragmentation, Treatment for Female Urinary
Incontinence including TVT & Anterior/Pelvic Floor Repair Surgery.
For the first time in Pakistan TKI is performing 3D Laparoscopic Urological Surgery and using 140 Watt Laser Technology
that features High Definition of tissues, High Precision, Very Safe for Keyhole Surgery, Less Risks of Tissues injury.