The Department of Urology at Tabba Kidney Institute has been committed to providing the highest quality of urology medical services in a compassionate and caring environment. The latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment are available. We have well reputed skilled Urologists. Our goal is to enhance our Urology services in different subspecialties and start Post Graduate Training program soon.


The Tabba Kidney Institute has introduced the latest innovative technology in the field of urology for the first time in Pakistan in order to provide best urology care to the patients. In Pakistan, burden of stones, prostate diseases and uro-oncology diseases has been consistently increasing. The main complication in the management of these diseases was bleeding, prolonged surgery and anaesthesia time, prolonged hospital stay leading to delayed recovery as well as financial burden. Advances in lasers and fiberoptics have created a combination of endoscopes (small-diameter endoscopic instruments) that can reach in the parts of human body which are otherwise difficult to reach without an incision. TKI recently acquired state-of-the-art 140 Watt Laser machine from Germany which is the first one of its kind in the country and this has raised our urology services to the next level of quality care for the patients. The technology is being used to treat prostate disease, stone diseases, peadiatric diseases, strictures of the upper- and lower urinary tract and uro-oncology. This high energy machine immensely decreases the surgical time with excellent and precise target of the disease without any cut or incision. The primary benefit of this technology is less injury to bladder, kidney and ureter with the less bleeding and protection and affordable care for the patients. This high power machine is also a blessing for prostate patients with cardiac disease while performing HOLEP as there is low water consumption with excellent bleeding control in this procedure.


Procedures, Clinics & Test

SPECIALIZED PROCEDURE                                                       

• Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery (RIRS)
• Flexible Ureterorenoscope (FURS)
• Mirco Perc (PCNL)
• Laser Stricture Management
• Laser Endopyelotomy
• Retroperitoneal laparoscopic pyloplasty
• Laparoscopic tumour nephrectomy
• Laparoscopic radical cystectomy
• Laparoscopic radical prostectomy
• Laparoscopic simple nephrectomy
• Laparoscopic surgery for undecended testis
• Holmium Laser Enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP)
• Lasertripsy for Bladder,Ureteric and Renal Stone including
dusting & fragmentatio

UROLOGY CLINICS                                                      

• Urology Clinic-Adult & Peads
• Antenatal Clinic for Urological Disorders
• Adolescent Urology Clinic
• Prostate Clinic
• Male Urology Infertility Clinic
• Uro Oncology Clinic- Adult And Paeds
• Stricture Clinic
• Stone Clinic
• Minimally Invasive Urology including Laparoscopic Surgeries
• Female Urology Clinic and Surgery (Uro-gynaecology)

PROSTATE CLINIC                                                   

• Acute and chronic prostatitis
• Prostate abcess
• Benign prostate hypertrophy
• Prostatic cyst
• Prostatic urethral stone

khubsib q

Observing patients


ADULT UROLOGY CLINICS                                                   

Deal with following diseses
• Bladder outlet obstruction
• Incontinence
• Urinary tract infection
• Pyonephrosis and perinephric abscess
• Chronic pyelonephritis
• Fournier’s gangrene
• Peri-urethral abscess
• Epididymitis and orchitis
• Prostatitis
• Chronic pelvic pain syndrome
• Bladder pain syndrome (BPS)
• Genitourinary tuberculosis
• Phimosis
• Inflammatory disorders of the penis
• Stone disease
• Renal Stone • Ureteric Stone
• Bladder Stone • Urethral Stone
• Upper tract obstruction, loin pain, hydronephrosis
• Neuropathic bladder

STONE CLINIC                                                  

• Kidney stones
• Ureteric stones
• Bladder stones
Treatment Options
• Flexible Ureteroscopy and laser Treatment
• Percutaneous
• Nephrolithotomy (PCNL)(Minimal and micro PCNL) • Extracorporeal lithotripsy (ESWL)

SPECIAL TEST FOR STONE                                            

• Stone analysis
• 24 urine for metabolic study
• Stone culture


Stone Analyzer

Tabba Kidney Institute has been committed to providing the highest quality of urological medical services in a compassionate and caring environment with the latest state-of-the-art technology and laboratorial equipment.

Urinary stones disease is endemic in Pakistan with ranked among the most common kidney illnesses. Their recurrence is preventable with the right postoperative care. TKI implemented a system for rapid analysis of urinary stones immediately after the surgical procedure. Our recent acquirement of state-of-the-art Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy stone analyzer equipment has shown our commitment for the best urology care services in the country. Owing to its specificity and speed, FT-IR is the preferred reference method for stone analysis internationally. FT-IR provides useful analysis of stone crystal type even in small stone samples. After stone analysis report our urology consultants become better equipped regarding the constituents of the stone and then brief the patient about the precautionary measures to prevent recurrent stone disease. The diet consultants also follow these reports to give diet instructions to the patient


Tabba Kidney Institute offers treatment of all pediatric urological diseases in a children friendly environment with activities like magic shows, live music and poem sessions and face painting. Specially designed play area has been introduced which includes video games, tablets, stuff toys, board games and activities like coloring and drawing. On regular basis, we arrange pediatric functions and funfairs so that our pediatric patients specially postoperative children can forget their past unpleasant experience at the hospital and can enjoy in a friendly environment.

• Urinary tract infection (UTI)
• Antenatal hydronephrosis
• Undescended testes (UDT)
• Vesicoureteric Reflux (VUR)
• Megaureter
• Ectopic ureter
• Ureterocele
• Stone diseases

• Pelviureteric junction (PUJ) obstruction
• Hypospadias
• Cystic kidney disease
• Disorders of sex development
• Primary epispadias
• Urinary incontinence in children
• Nocturnal enuresis

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Deal with following diseases

•Renal cell carcinoma
• Bladder cancer
• Prostate cancer
• Urethral cancer
• Penile neoplasia

• Testicular cancer
•Wilms Tumor
• Neuroblastoma

uro 1-5


Urogynecology is a sub-specialty of Gynecology, and in some countries is also known as Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. A urogynecologist manages clinical problems associated with dysfunction of the pelvic floor and bladder. Pelvic floor disorders affect the bladder, reproductive organs, and bowels.

Urogynaecology deals with the following diseases:
• Pelvic organ prolapsed and its reconstructive surgeries include vaginal hysterectomy,
sacrospinous fixation, hysterosacropexy, sacrocolpopexy
• Persistent urethral and bladder pain
• Voiding difficulties
• Pelvic masses
• Fecal incontinence
• Urogenital fistulae (vesicovaginal fistula, vesicouterine fistula, urethrovaginal fistula)
• Rectovaginal fistula
• Anti-incontinence surgery
• Urinary incontinence medical and surgical management
• Recurrent urinary tract infection
• Interstitial cystitis
• Minimal invasive surgeries for stress urinary incontinence (tension-free vaginal tape,
transobturator tape, burch colposuspension)
• Urethral diverticulum
• Bladder outlet obstruction surgeries
• Cystoscopy
• Bladder biopsy
• Vaginal reconstructive surgeries
• Urodynamic test

Tabba Kidney Institute has specialized doctors for the department