Mission & Vision

Tabba Kidney Institute aims at providing comprehensive care, of highest standard, to patients with kidney diseases on a not-for-profit basis. Create awareness about kidney diseases and its prevention. To be a teaching, training and research Centre par excellence.


Tabba Kidney Institute is committed to improve the quality of life through:

• Prevention Awareness and Education to the masses.
• Care Providing compassionate, fair, equitable and ethical care to our patients.
• Education Develop healthcare Professionals through structured educational programs related to Renal and Renal related diseases.
• Research Carry out research to prevent and cure the disease


  • Patient care and priority.
  • Quality health care.
  • Honesty & Integrity.
  • Consistent improvements.
  • Creativity & Innovation.

“Tabba Kidney Institute is committed to provide quality renal health care services and continually strive for the improvement of our services, systems and satisfaction of all our health care consumers on not-for-profit basis.”