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World Kidney Day & National Nutrition Month

Promoting Renal Health: Tabba Kidney Institute’s Health Camp at Ocean Mall


In commemoration of World Kidney Day 2024, Tabba Kidney Institute (TKI) held a comprehensive health camp at Ocean Mall, Clifton. This three-day event aimed to raise public awareness about renal health and provide valuable health screenings and consultations.

The camp closely adhered to this year’s theme, “Kidney Health for All – Advancing equitable access to care and optimal medication practice.” In alignment with this crucial theme, TKI organized a free basic screening camp, affirming our commitment to ensuring equitable access to healthcare services for all individuals.

By providing essential screenings and promoting awareness about kidney health, we aimed to empower individuals to take proactive steps towards maintaining their well-being. This event served as a testament to our dedication to advancing optimal medication practices and fostering a culture of inclusivity in healthcare.

Commitment to Public Health

TKI’s mission is to create a healthier society by providing accurate knowledge and awareness about the prevention, management, and cure of kidney diseases. This health camp was a testament to their ongoing commitment to public health and education.

Event Overview

Dates and Location

The health camp took place on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of March 2024, at Ocean Mall, Clifton. The strategic location ensured high footfall, maximizing the reach and impact of the event.

Free Health Screenings

TKI offered a range of free screenings at the camp, including:

  1. Sugar tests
  2. Body Mass Index (BMI) calculations
  3. Blood Pressure checks
  4. Diet Consultancy
  5. Urology and Nephrology Consultations by experienced doctors
  6. Engaging Activities

To make the event engaging, TKI organized health-related quizzes and other interactive activities. Participants had the chance to win exclusive branded prizes, adding an element of excitement to the educational event.

Raising Awareness about Renal Health

Understanding Kidney Health

The primary goal of the camp was to educate the public about the importance of renal health. Attendees learned about various factors that can damage kidneys, including diabetes, hypertension, and other underlying diseases.

Symptoms and Treatments

The camp provided crucial information on recognizing symptoms of kidney issues and the available treatments. This knowledge is vital for early detection and effective management of kidney diseases.

Lifestyle Modifications

Participants were also informed about necessary lifestyle modifications to maintain kidney health. These changes include dietary adjustments, regular exercise, and monitoring blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Highlighting TKI’s Role and Services

Scope and Expertise

The camp emphasized the scope of TKI and its role in providing top-notch renal healthcare services in Pakistan. As a leading institute, TKI is dedicated to offering the best care and treatment options for kidney-related issues.

Kidney Stone Procedures

One of the significant myths addressed during the event was the misconception about kidney stone removal. Many believe that it requires major surgery and prolonged bed rest. However, TKI specializes in minimally invasive procedures, often performing kidney stone removals through a mere pinhole incision. This approach allows patients to be discharged the same day, significantly reducing recovery time.

For more detailed information on TKI’s urology procedures, including laparoscopy, visit TKI Urology Procedures.


The health camp at Ocean Mall was a successful initiative by Tabba Kidney Institute to promote renal health awareness. Through free screenings, consultations, and engaging activities, TKI effectively communicated the importance of kidney health and debunked common myths about kidney treatments. As TKI continues to lead in renal healthcare, their efforts in public education remain a cornerstone of their mission.

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