Patient Story – Maryam Ashraf

Patient story Maryam Ashraf daughter of Muhammad Ashraf. She was a patient of urine incontinence. She came here at Tabba Kidney Insitute under the supervision of Dr. Sherjeel Saulat and diagnosed that she had an abnormal size of the urinary bladder and some neurogenetic problems (Neurogenic Bladder). Brain nerve messages go back and forth between the brain and the muscles that control bladder emptying. If these nerves are damaged by illness or injury, the muscles may not be able to tighten or relax at the right time.

Dr. Sherjeel Saulat performed Laparoscopic Augmentation Cystoplasty + Mitrofanoff with the latest 3D technology.

Now Maryam is 8 years old and her health is absolutely normal as others she has no other issues.