Mamnoon Hussain Ex -President of Pakistan

I feel pleasure in sending this message on the occasion of the inauguration of Tabba Kidney Institute which will provide a ‘100’ bed renal care  hospital in the heart of Karachi. I am happy to learn that the hospital is equipped with latest technology machines to pro-vide affordable quality treatment to kidney patients.

Considering the growing silent epidemic of chronic kidney disease in Pakistan, addition of a state-of-the-art kidney hospital will provide relief to  patients suffering from kidney ailments. According to conservative estimates each year more than 18,000 individuals require renal replacement therapy. Unfortunately most of them die before receiving any treatment.

Through this message, I commend the work done by the organizations involved in the fight against this disease. I would like to encourage all Pakistanis to play a proactive role in preventing this deadly disease. The civil society, academia and media also need to play their effective role in educating the people on how to avoid developing this disease. I am sure that with our honest and joint efforts, we can control this deadly disease and ensure a healthy and strong Pakistan.

I must congratulate Tabba family for taking pains to ameliorate suffering of the ailing under-privileged members of our society. I hope that other individuals will be inspired by the Tabba Institute and come forward and open similar hospitals.


Dr Ishrat ul Ibad Khan Ex- Governor of Pakistan

It is indeed a great pleasure for me to join hands with Tabba Kidney Institute. I am well aware that it is a shining example of what can be achieved through community support. In fact in the city of Karachi, philanthropists have always supported institutions like the NED University, the Aga Khan University, Tabba Heart Institute and now Tabba Kidney Institute; they stand out as role models  and one can be justly proud of them.

It is commendable that fired with a spirit for community service, the Tabba family managed to make their dream a reality. As I have been  informed,  free of cost treatment is being provided to those who cannot pay.

I commend Mr. Muhammad Ali Tabba, its CEO and the whole Tabba family for their efforts not only in building this institution but also in maintaining its high standards of medical care. Tabba is a well known name in community support and I felicitate  you for your efforts  and extend all support. I  wish you god-speed in your endeavours.

I also command the doctors working here as they are delivering tomorrow’s healthcare today. You should keep up the good work and try to live up to the expectations of  your patients. At the same time keep your ethical insight foremost always.

May Tabba Kidney Institute go from strength to strength and serve the ailing humanity.

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Syed Qaim Ali Shah Ex-Chief Minister of Sindh

With profound regards I extend my greetings on the occasion of inauguration of state of the art Kidney care facility Tabba Kidney Institute.

It is indeed noted with appreciation that Tabba family has been rendering great services to mitigate the human sufferings. The Government of Sindh is combating great challenges related to health issues in the province. I strongly believe that these challenges can only be addressed with Government and public cooperation. Though Government of Sindh is taking especial interest in fighting against basic health issues and spending huge amount in health sector but success without participation of private organisation like Tabba Foundation and other institutions may not see the light of day.

I again congratulate Mr. Muhammad Ali Tabba, CEO of Tabba Kidney Institute and Vice Chairman of Tabba Foundation and  his  team  on providing high class Kidney treatment to the underprivileged people of Sindh and Karachi at large.


Muhammad Yunus Tabba Chairman Aziz Tabba Foundation

In the business world, profit and growth are given the highest priority. However, the ultimate assessment of any business enterprise, especially the larger ones, is its social function. This applies particularly to its utilisation of profit, be it for the best possible upliftment of its work-force, espousing social and national development causes, or for rendering services to mankind as a whole through charity to alleviate poverty and serving the underprivileged members of society.

It has become imperative that resourceful people either jointly or in personal capacity work as building-blocks to improve the ethical values in our society. I personally feel that the suffering of individuals has increased multifolds because of erosion in human values. In order to address these inequalities, the Aziz Tabba Foundation was established in 1987 with the aim of providing housing, medical care, education, marriage and vocational training facilities to build a strong and vibrant Pakistan. The Aziz Tabba Foundation is playing its part to complement the state in fulfilling the constitutional directives of providing basic liberties and developing a more equitable society.

The Aziz Tabba Foundation aspires to facilitate a just, humane, equitable and sustainable Pakistan. It is a daunting task but one we consider our national responsibility.

The Foundation reiterates its unflinching commitment to serve the people, giving a ray of hope and a helping hand to those who would otherwise feel alone and abandoned.

Last but not the least, I must congratulate Muhammad Ali Tabba (CEO) of Tabba Kidney Institute for his recent achievement, in building a state-of-the-art kidney care facility.


Muhammad Ali Tabba CEO Tabba Kidney Institute

The Aziz Tabba Foundation was established in 1987 with the aim to provide humanitarian and welfare services as well as medical treatment of the highest standards to the poor and the needy and serves as a testimony to the philanthropic spirit of our forefathers. The foundation is a manifestation of an audacious dream to inspire and facilitate trans-formative change–a philosophy which is committed to enhance the quality of life of people from marginalized and vulnerable communities.

The foundation carries out various activities for the betterment of our society in the areas of health, education enhancing economic prosperity and uplifting the underprivileged. Through such efforts, we strive to bring about a positive change in our society and reform the lives of those in need.

One of the key areas of focus of Aziz Tabba Foundation is healthcare and providing advanced medical treatment in the field of cardiology and nephrology to patients at an affordable cost. Under its patronage the foundation runs Tabba Heart Institute which is a specialised cardiac institute comprising of 175 beds with a primary objective to promote excellence in the field of cardiovascular health.

Tabba Kidney is a 100-bed specialised institution providing comprehensive care and treatment for Nephro-Urological diseases. Tabba Kidney Institute is equipped with state-of-the- art-technology and managed by highly qualified and dedicated medical professionals.

The multidisciplinary approach of Tabba Kidney Institute towards diagnosis and care ensures a continuum of safe and high quality patient care with all services under one roof and treatment that meets the highest international standard.

On this auspicious occasion I pray that the Tabba Kidney Institute stands as a beacon of excellence in Pakistan and be a source of deliverance and convalescence for its patients  and community at large.